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Amazon Product Listing Services

We are the certified business partner of Amazon Company that is Amazon ATES, so we provide the best amazon product listing service. we are using the same tools that Amazon Company has given us for keyword research, we extract the best traffic keywords. Because of how much traffic is on which keyword and if it is not properly analyzed, then the sale of the product can be down. so we do the best e-commerce cataloging services according to amazon guidelines.

In 2026, the online shopping business will be 200 billion dollars. In the fast-changing mobile Internet world, if you do not bring your business online today, then one day you can be out of this market. Increase your online presence by joining us and become a millionaire seller of Amazon.

Image Guidelines For Amazon

Image quality of a product is of paramount importance on Amazon as online buyers are first attracted to images. If your images are not good then the visit to your product is also less. The seller should upload at least four to six images of a product and the information in all the images should be attractive and easy to understand.

  • The product should be a very clear representation in all the images, which will have a great impact on your sales.
  • Product quality and features should be very clear in all images.
  • Main Images should be a professional image of the original product without any tags, watermark, text, logo or anything.
  • Images and product title must match.
  • 85% of the image area should be filled from the original product image.
  • The image should be of 72 dpi resolution and more.
  • Images must be of minimum 1000 pixels or more in either height or width.
  • Amazon supports JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) file formats, however JPEG is the preferred format.
  • The item cannot be placed on a model, except for socks or stockings.
  • Images cannot contain models unless the item is clothing or an accessory worn by models.
  • Images shouldn't be blurry, out of focus blurry, pixelated, are distorted or jagged, or cropped by the frame edge.
  • When the item is displayed on an actual model the model has to be standing (not kneeling, sitting or leaning down, lying down, or in any other types of positions).
  • The product should be taken out of its packaging, or displayed without brand tags on the outside other than stockings or socks.
  • Images should not include nudeties or contain sexually explicit content.
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For more information, kindly contact us on +91-6390674070, +91-6390674070